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חדר 354, בניין מנדל

Chiara Caradonna completed her PhD in German and Romance Literature at the University of Heidelberg in July 2017 with a thesis on the philosophical dimension of Paul Celan's later work. She is currently PostDoc-Fellow of the Martin Buber Society at the Hebrew University, where she is working on a project on the aesthetics of the members of the Collège de Sociologie (esp. Georges Bataille). Her research focuses on modern and contemporary poetry and on the relationship between literature and philosophy. Recent publications, which combine manuscript-analysis with close readings and epistemological considerations, are devoted to the “chimeric language of desire” in Paul Valéry and Edmund Husserl, to Pier Paolo Pasolini’s reception of the Russian poet Osip Mandel’štam, and to the poetry of contemporary writers such as Rainer René Mueller and Daniel Sada.